As a Judicial Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, I have seen first-hand how expensive, drawn-out and heart-breaking court can be. People can leave court after months or years fighting, with a decision they may not have signed up for, a big bill, and even more conflict than they started with. This conflict can endure for years after, leaving people, families, and businesses struggling to move on.

I’m passionate about mediation because it offers a safe space to listen, talk through and resolve conflict. I believe it can help people move past conflict, and work together to come up with a way forward.

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Renee Toy - Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Renee Toy is a nationally accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner, registered with the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.

Renee understands the complex nature of the family law and family violence system. In addition to offering private mediation services through Listen Talk Resolve, Renee is a sessional Judicial Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. Here she convenes  family dispute resolution conferences to assist parties reach agreement about parenting and financial matters. Renee also has experience as a family lawyer and as a Deputy Registrar of the ACT Magistrates Court, convening conferences related to family violence and personal protection order applications.

Renee is an experienced conciliator, with experience as a Conference Registrar with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and as a Senior Conciliator and Review Officer with the ACT Human Rights Commission. At the AAT, Renee assisted parties resolve matters in areas including workers' compensation, NDIS and migration. At the ACT HRC, Renee worked with clients to resolve complaints in areas such as health services, discrimination, disability and community services.

Renee's experience extends to the workings of parliament and public service, having supported a range of federal parliamentary committees with the House of Representatives. She has volunteered her time at the Women’s Legal Centre and as a Board Member and Deputy Chair for Women’s Health Matters ACT.

Renee believes in providing a safe and productive space for people to work through conflict and find a way forward, without the need for court-imposed decisions.

Renee is a former panel mediator with Conflict Resolution Service in Canberra, and a current Member of the National Sports Tribunal.



Bachelor Communication (Journalism) / Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of Canberra


Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University


National Mediation Assessment, College of Law, Sydney


Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution, College of Law, Sydney

Appointments and memberships


Judicial Registrar - Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia


Senior Consultant - Converge International


Professional Member - Resolution Institute


Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner – Attorney-General’s Department


NMAS Accredited Mediator – National Mediation Accreditation System


Member, National Sports Tribunal

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